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iSOLID The Brand



Solid Resilient Tyres


Resilient tyres

(Super-elastic / cushion tyres)

A contemporary standard for use in all modern Forklifts ( Electric / Battery / Diesel / LPG powered). Trailers, Trolleys, Industrial Equipments etc.,

It comes with a choice of 3 or more rubber layers construction. A highly energy efficient and low-abrading tread, soft & low-hysteresis inner core and high load-bearing rigid base. The combo gives unmatched riding comfort, low running and replacement costs and best reliability against tyre failiure, tyre-creeping on rims and load disparities. All tyres meet or exceed ETRTO standards on load &speed ratings.

Available in all standard sizes of wheels: 3.00-D8 through 9.75-15.

Trolley tyres


A variant of Solid Cushion / Resilient tyres, these are predominantly deployed for low height Airports Baggage Trolleys and Container Dolleys. Due to their ribbed tread construction, they offer absolute directional control while on movement, which is essential for long-chain-towered trolleys.

They also offer low rolling residence and good suspension properties, making them ideal choices for industrial and airport trolleys worldwide. Available in size: 4.00-8 suitable for rim size 3.00D-8, as also in sizs: 15X41/2X8, 5.00-8, 16x6-8, 6.00-9, etc.

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We constantly innovate on our technology and processes to provide you with best performing Solid Tyres at the most competitive prices.. various grades are on offer keeping in view customers price and performance expectations..
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